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1. Name the team members on Herzog's team.

Herzog, Jean Couzy, Marcel Schatz, Louis Lachenal, Gaston Rebuffat, Lionel Terray, Marcel Ichac, Jacques Oudot, Francis de Noyelle, and Nepalese Sherpas: Angawa, Ang-Tharkey, Ang-Tsering, Dawatondu, Sarki, Foutharkey, Aila, Angawa and Adjiba.

2. What was the context within which Herzog and his team made their attempt on Dhaulagiri and Annapurna?

Other climbers had attempted 8,000-meter peaks, but out of 22 attempts, no one had succeeded yet. The maps that the team had were highly imprecise above a certain elevation, because no one had charted the peaks yet.

3. What would the expedition to Annapurna entail?

The climbers would have to trek for three weeks to the Nepalese village of Tukucha, where they would explore the possible approaches to Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, to determine which would be more practicable.

4. Describe the approach to Tukucha.

Herzog and his team trekked for just over two weeks to Tukucha, where they searched for the Tilicho Pass, which was not familiar to any of the locals. The village was already high up in the mountains, and fields had given way to pine forests. Herzog and his team set up their base camp on the outskirts of town.

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