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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XVI The Retreat.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In addition to the party, how did Herzog and his team mark their celebration?
(a) By drinking and dancing with the Sherpas.
(b) By taking a day for reading and writing letters.
(c) By eating their reserve rations.
(d) By sleeping late the next day.

2. How were the team members selected?
(a) Based on diversity.
(b) Based on financial capability.
(c) Based on experience and ability to function.
(d) Based on level of ambition and talent.

3. What were conditions like when Herzog continued up the spur on May 21?
(a) Iced like glass.
(b) Iced like rabbit fur.
(c) Iced like cauliflower.
(d) Iced like stone.

4. What did the climbers in Camp I share?
(a) Water.
(b) Cognac and wine.
(c) Cake.
(d) Champagne.

5. When did Herzog's will to live return?
(a) When he was able to eat again.
(b) When he saw his fellow climbers.
(c) When he could no longer feel the pain in his hands and feet.
(d) When he heard about the summit achievement of others.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long was the trek into Tukucha, Nepal?

2. Which of the following best describes the state that Couzy, Lachenal, Rebuffat and the others were in when Herzog found them at Camp III after having established Camp IV?

3. What were the climbers covered by in the morning?

4. What did Herzog confide to Terray in Camp II?

5. What gear did Herzog lose after reaching the summit?

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