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Mountaineering Spouses

Your spouse has asked you for your feelings about climbing an 8,000-meter peak - an expedition on which death and amputation of fingers and toes are a possibility. Write a letter that gives or refuses your willingness to join your spouse on the ascent.

'Annapurna': The Musical

Compose songs and choreograph dances for the musical version of 'Annapurna'.


If you were the music director for the movie version of this book, what songs would you use?

Casting the book

Who would you cast for a cinematic version of this book? What Hollywood actors would you cast? Who would you cast from among the personalities in your school?

The Short Story

Write a short story that includes 'Annapurna' as the setting.

Merchandising 'Annapurna'

If you were an ambitious publishing executive under pressure to maximize profits, what toys or games could you try to market as spin-offs...

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