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Essay Topic 1

What was Herzog's main objective and motivation in writing this book? What was his goal, or what did he want to convey to readers?

Essay Topic 2

Where was the expedition to Annapurna in the history of mountaineering? What was the accomplishment attained by Herzog and his team? What was the team's legacy?

Essay Topic 3

What were the technical developments that had made the expedition to Annapurna possible?

Essay Topic 4

What were the international repercussions that resulted from the accomplishments that were attained by Herzog and his team?

Essay Topic 5

Did the relationship that India and Nepal had with the West contribute to or diminish the significance of the climb?

Essay Topic 6

What type of medical challenges did the climbers encounter during the expedition?

Essay Topic 7

How did members of the expedition to Annapurna break new ground through discoveries or pioneering in fields of knowledge?

Essay Topic 8

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