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Chapter I Preparations and Chapter II The Himalaya

• Herzog's team pledged obedience to him in Paris, and then set out to Nepal.
• Trekking for two weeks, the climbers reached the mountain village of Tukucha, where they set up base camp on the outskirts of town.

Chapter III The Hidden Valley and Chapter IV The East Dhaulagiri Glacier

• The climbers began to explore Dhaulagiri, but found dangerous or highly technical routes.
• When a Lama visited, he suggested that they turn their attention to Annapurna instead of Dhaulagiri.

Chapter V Looking for Annapurna

• Herzog and the other climbers trekked to Manangbhot to explore routes to Annapurna.
• On the way back from Manangbhot, Herzog fell in a river, and was seriously chilled.

Chapters VI Council of War and VII The Miristi Khola

• On May 14, Herzog and his team met to decide to focus on Annapurna.
• In some advance exploration, Herzog, Terray...

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