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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job at sea does Burke mention as paying enough so he could afford a little house?
(a) Scrubbing the deck.
(b) Fixing sails.
(c) Stokehole of a proper ship.
(d) Polishing the tack.

2. What does Burke say men must be to wed girls like Anna?
(a) Well-respected.
(b) Proper and refined.
(c) Friendly and helpful.
(d) Real men with guts.

3. How does Anna act when Chris returns with her drink in Act 1?
(a) Jumps up from her chair to help him.
(b) Says "Yum!"
(c) Hastily dries her eyes and tries to smile.
(d) Claps her hands.

4. What does Larry suggest that Chris do after he arrives at the bar?
(a) Have another drink.
(b) Go to sleep.
(c) Go round the corner for some beef stew.
(d) Drink some water.

5. What is the name of the bar where Act 1 is set?
(a) Larry's Saloon.
(b) The Schooner.
(c) Johnny-the-Priest's Saloon.
(d) The Longshoreman Saloon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Chris give for never marrying again?

2. What did the veins in Burke's forearms look like when he first comes on board the barge?

3. Why does Burke say he got so strong?

4. What does Chris say will help Anna get strong and healthy?

5. What did Chris tell Marthy that Anna's job was?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has the playwright chosen fog as a setting detail in Act 4?

2. How do Anna and Chris celebrate their reunion?

3. Describe Burke's physical appearance when he returns to the cabin to speak with Anna after their argument.

4. Does Chris take control of the situation when the sailor Mat Burke shouts for rescue?

5. Describe Chris's physical and emotional state when he returns to the cabin after two days.

6. Describe the crucifix that Burke uses so Anna can swear that he is the only man she has ever loved.

7. Describe Chris's appearance.

8. Why does Anna need to rest up and relax?

9. What is Anna's viewpoint on the reality of being a sailor's wife?

10. How does Burke behave toward Anna before he finds out she is the captain's daughter?

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