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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Burke say he got so strong?
(a) Cutting stone out of the quarry.
(b) Lifting fishing nets out of the sea.
(c) Shoveling a million tons of coal since he was a lad.
(d) Lifting weights at the gym.

2. What is Chris's title?
(a) Captain.
(b) Doctor.
(c) President.
(d) Reverend.

3. What happened to the other sailors in the open boat?
(a) They had broken arms or fingers.
(b) They couldn't stand up.
(c) They were unconscious.
(d) They didn't know how to row.

4. What does Chris call himself in Act 2 for bringing Anna on the voyage?
(a) "A good idea."
(b) "Damn fool."
(c) "A good experience for a sailor's wife."
(d) "A chance for her to learn the sea."

5. What city is the bar located in?
(a) Boston.
(b) Miami.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) New York City.

6. Who is described as having choirboy looks?
(a) Johnny.
(b) Mat.
(c) Chris.
(d) Larry.

7. Why does Anna want to stay out on the deck at night at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) She is hoping for a chance to see a whale.
(b) She wants to pray.
(c) She wants to look at the lighthouse.
(d) She wants to think about things.

8. How many women are in the bar when Anna arrives at the beginning of the play?
(a) Twelve.
(b) One.
(c) Three.
(d) Six.

9. What is Anna's opinion about the fog?
(a) She doesn't like not seeing clearly.
(b) It scares her.
(c) She loves it.
(d) It makes her feel wet.

10. What does Burke say men must be to wed girls like Anna?
(a) Well-respected.
(b) Real men with guts.
(c) Friendly and helpful.
(d) Proper and refined.

11. What was Anna's profession in the last city she lived?
(a) Prostitute.
(b) Accountant.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Lawyer.

12. What does Marthy reveal to Anna?
(a) Directions to the closest city.
(b) The best place to stay in town.
(c) The secret ingredient for her favorite drink.
(d) Her relationship with Chris.

13. What does Chris tell Burke he needs to do at the end of Act 2?
(a) Act as a lookout for the night watch.
(b) Hurry and get a bunk in the sailors' quarters.
(c) Come with him to the officer's cabin.
(d) Have dinner with him.

14. What does Chris order for himself when he gets Anna a glass of wine?
(a) One small beer.
(b) Lemonade.
(c) Ginger ale.
(d) Gatorade.

15. What does Chris say about fog?
(a) It gives him goose bumps.
(b) It is one of the sea's dirtiest tricks.
(c) It magnifies sound.
(d) It feels cozy to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Anna help Burke move to at the end of Act 2?

2. What kind of job does Burke not want to do on land?

3. Where has Anna just been released from at the beginning of the play?

4. How does Anna feel about being out at sea in the beginning of Act 2?

5. Who does Anna say gives you a "kick when you're down"?

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