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1. What is the setting of Act 1?

The setting of Act 1 is Johnny-the-Priest's saloon near South Street in New York City. The barroom has a large window that looks out onto the street. Off the barroom is a small back room with four wooden tables with five chairs grouped around each table.

2. Describe Chris's appearance.

Chris Christopherson is a short, broad-shouldered man around 50. He has a round, weather-beaten face. He has lively light-blue eyes, a large mouth with a yellow mustache, and a thick neck. His body is squat, and his arms and legs are short.

3. What is Chris's reaction to receiving a letter from Anna?

Upon arriving at the bar, Larry gives Chris a letter he has been holding for him. After slowly reading the letter, Chris is excited to learn that Anna plans to arrive soon. He says it is good news for an old fellow like him.

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