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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Burke say he would give up if he found a girl to marry him?
(a) Smoking a pipe.
(b) Drinking and roving about.
(c) Wearing boots in the house.
(d) His long hair.

2. What does Chris call the men in his family who chose to become sailors?
(a) Fools.
(b) Brave.
(c) Smart.
(d) Rich.

3. What does Burke make Anna swear that she is telling the truth about?
(a) Her religion.
(b) He is the only man she has ever loved.
(c) The amount of money she has in the bank.
(d) Her age.

4. What is Burke about to do when he stops because he feels very doubtful about Anna's oath in Act 4?
(a) Kiss Anna.
(b) Give Anna some flowers.
(c) Leave the cabin.
(d) Shake her hand.

5. After Anna tells Burke that Chris is her father, what does he call Chris?
(a) "The worst kind of father."
(b) "His angel."
(c) "A good guy."
(d) "The old square--the old Swede, I mean."

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Burke's picture appear in Boston?

2. What order does Burke give Anna in Act 3?

3. What is Anna's physical appearance when she waits with her packed suitcase?

4. When Chris is talking to Anna with Marthy, how old does he think she is?

5. What does Anna do at the beginning of the play when Chris leaves the room and goes to order the wine?

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