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Act 1

• The play opens in a bar in New York City in autumn.

• Johnny-the-priest owns the bar and gets his nickname from his choirboy looks.

• Larry arrives late for work at the same time the postman delivers a letter.

• Johnny says he will deliver the letter to Chris Christopherson, a sailor who is using the bar as his mailing address.

• Chris, who captains a coal barge, has docked in New York and goes to the bar later that day.

• He brings Marthy, an older woman who lives with him on the barge.

• He is overjoyed to receive the letter from Anna, his daughter, whom he has not seen in fifteen years.

• Anna and her mother moved to Minnesota when she was five, and after her mother died, Chris left Anna with her cousins who lived on a farm.

• Larry suggests that Chris go get something to eat because...

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