Daily Lessons for Teaching Animal Farm

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is for students to identify and define key vocabulary words from Chapter 1 of Animal Farm.


1. Class Activity: Provide the students with a list of 15 words from Chapter 1 and have them identify which of the 15 are considered key to understanding the chapter. Have them discuss the meanings orally in class.

2. Class Discussion: Use the term "comrade" from the chapter to spark a discussion on how specific vocabulary terms can affect the reader's schema for the rest of the novel

3. Writing Activity: Have the students decide which word could be used to replace the word comrade in this chapter to compare the revolution about to happen in this novel to a revolution in a different country. Have them explain why they chose the new word.

Homework: Have the students create a vocabulary builder chart where they identify the unknown words during...

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