Animal Farm Character Descriptions

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Benjamin - This character, a donkey, is "the oldest animal on the farm, and the worst tempered."

Boxer - One of the two cart-horses on the farm, this character's biggest triumph is his work on the windmill. Despite his strength, he is sensitive to the feelings of others.

Clover - A "stout, motherly mare," this character is one of the two cart-horses on the farm.

Frederick - This character runs the farm called Pinchfield. His farm is better run than Pilkington's, but he is always involved in law suits.

Mr. Jones - This character, the owner of Manor Farm, gets the animals thinking about revolution when he gets drunk and is unable to perform all the chores around the farm.

Minimus - Described only as "a poet," this character composes a poem in honor of Napoleon, and a patriotic song that replaces Beasts of England. This character...

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