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Short Answer Questions

1. In Prior's drag dream, at what age does he fear he will die?

2. In which borough of New York is Hannah Pitt lost in Act 3, Scene 4?

3. What is Prior Walter's response to the Angel at the end Of Act 1, Scene 1?

4. According to Louis in Act 2, Scene 7, what do you have to be willing to do even if you are scared?

5. Why does Sister Ella Chapter come to Hannah's house in Act 2, Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Prior and his two ancestral visitors in the beginning of Act 3 have in common besides a name?

2. How does Harper come to realize she is not in the Antarctic in Act 1, Scene 2?

3. How does Alexii Antedilluvianovich Prelapsarianov compare the Theory of the Bolshevik Revolution with the Theory of the present?

4. What is Louis' point about fear in America at the end of Act 2, Scene 7?

5. How has Prior Walter's illness progressed over the course of Angels in America?

6. Describe the interchange between Henry and Belize in Act 1, Scene 4?

7. Why does Prior wrestle the Angel in Act 5, Scene 1?

8. How does Louis' liaison with the Man in the Park end?

9. What does Prior determine about Louis in Act 2, Scene 9?

10. Why does Joe punch Louis in Act 4, Scene 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The New York of Tony Kushner's play is a city of interlocking relationships that connect everyone to everyone else. Write an essay about the convoluted ways that people find each other and affect each other's lives. Focus on the connection these people have to each other and what they become in each other's presence:

Part 1) Roy and Belize

Part 2) Louis and Joe

Part 3) Hannah and Prior

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the motivations and objectives of Harper Pitt. Her actions seem kinetic and meaningless to Hannah and Joe, but she is driven by something deep and ingrained in her psyche. What drives Harper to gobble Valium and act madly? Cite statements made both by her and by Joe to examine the meaning behind her madness.

Essay Topic 3

Tony Kushner creates several prominent characters in the play that are not of this world. Each of these characters exists on a realm of being different from anyone else, even the other supernatural characters. Write an essay comparing three of these characters. Who are they and how have they manifested themselves onstage? With whom do they interact and what is the nature of this interaction? Are they benevolent? Violent?

Part 1) Mr. Lies

Part 2) Ethel Rosenberg

Part 3) The Angel

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