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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Louis' attire in Act 5, Scene 3 does Belize think is ridiculous?
(a) His scarf
(b) His running shoes
(c) His hat
(d) His glasses

2. To what Biblical relations does Roy compare his relationship with Joe in Act 4, Scene 1?
(a) Cain and Lot
(b) Jacob and Isaac
(c) Joseph and Jesus
(d) Saul and David

3. In what year is the diorama at the Mormon Visitor's Center supposed to take place?
(a) 33
(b) 1847
(c) 1919
(d) 1796

4. What piece of information about Joe does Prior surprise Louis by knowing in Act 4, Scene 1?
(a) He is a lawyer
(b) He has just discovered he is gay
(c) He is Mormon
(d) He is married

5. Which of the following is not an element Louis uses to describe Joe's taste in Act 1, Scene 6?
(a) Iron
(b) Gold
(c) Copper
(d) Chlorine

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom is Sarah Ironson playing cards in Act 5, Scene 6?

2. Which of the following adjectives is not one that Belize uses in his comparison of Roy Cohn and America in Act 4, Scene 3?

3. What happens to Hannah when the Angel kisses her in Act 5, Scene 1?

4. What does Prior request the Principalities bless him with at the end of Act 5, Scene 5?

5. In what color is the Angel dressed when she enters Prior's hospital room in Act 5?

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