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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Prior suggest the Principalities do if God ever returns?
(a) Make him apologize
(b) Take him to court
(c) Bar the doors against him
(d) Never let him leave again

2. What is the name of the angel atop the fountain in Act 4, Scene 3?
(a) Azazel
(b) Moroni
(c) Bethesda
(d) Michael

3. Who does Joe find in his apartment when he returns in Act 5, Scene 4?
(a) Roy
(b) Harper
(c) Louis
(d) Hannah

4. With whom is Sarah Ironson playing cards in Act 5, Scene 6?
(a) Harper Pitt
(b) Roy Cohn
(c) Ethel Rosenberg
(d) Rabbi Chemelwitz

5. What shocking piece of information does Joe tell Louis in the beginning of Act 3?
(a) He is a Mormon
(b) He is married
(c) He is moving to Washington
(d) He loves Louis

6. Who does Roy Cohn call in Act 1, Scene 5, to get his own stash of AZT?
(a) Joe Pitt
(b) Ed Meese
(c) Martin Heller
(d) Nancy Reagan

7. What are the "prophet birds" in Belize's heaven?
(a) Doves
(b) Ravens
(c) Vultures
(d) Eagles

8. Hoe does the Angel's communication with Heaven manifest itself onstage?
(a) A bright light
(b) A body tremor
(c) Latin chanting
(d) A cough

9. What generally embarrassing ailment does Roy discuss having in Act 1, Scene 6?
(a) Syphilis
(b) Genital warts
(c) Bladder infection
(d) Pubic lice

10. In Act 3, Scene 2, Roy asks Ethel Rosenberg if who has died?
(a) Joseph Welch
(b) Lillian Hellman
(c) Louise Bryant
(d) Alger Hiss

11. In Act 5, Scene 7, what does Roy Cohn want to know about the Judge?
(a) His political affiliation
(b) His favorite jewelry
(c) His wife's name
(d) His afterlife restaurant of choice

12. What does Joe say he sees when he looks at Harper in Act 4, Scene 7?
(a) Death
(b) Love
(c) Sadness
(d) Nothing

13. What do Hannah and Prior say they have in common in Act 5, Scene 8?
(a) They both rely on the kindness of strangers
(b) They both saw an Angel
(c) They both need someone by their side
(d) They both had peculiar dreams

14. From where does Harper retrieve her Valium stash before leaving Joe?
(a) The couch
(b) The microwave
(c) The toilet tank
(d) Her purse

15. What part of the funeral Prior and Belize attend at the beginning of Act 2 does Prior find particularly distasteful?
(a) The Sicilian Mourners
(b) The sequined lining of the casket
(c) The choreographed dance during the procession in
(d) The New Orleans funeral band

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to saying Kaddish for Roy, what does Belize want Louis to do in Act 5, Scene 2?

2. By Act 4, Scene 4, how long has Hannah been trying to get hold of Joe since coming to New York?

3. According to Emily in Act 4, Scene 6, how much weight has Prior lost?

4. Where do Louis Ironson's parents live?

5. What part of Louis' attire in Act 5, Scene 3 does Belize think is ridiculous?

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