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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who summons the ladder out of heaven for Prior Walter in Act 5, Scene 6?
(a) The Angel
(b) Ethel Rosenberg
(c) Sarah Ironson
(d) Rabbi Chemelwitz

2. How is Prior's sight deteriorating?
(a) He is losing his depth-perception
(b) He is becoming color-blind
(c) He is blind in his left eye
(d) His peripheral vision is deteriorating

3. With what is Harper playing when Prior sees in her Heaven?
(a) A cat
(b) A checker board
(c) A balloon
(d) A dradle

4. In what part of the Angel's body has a torn muscle after she wrestles Prior in Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) Her wrist
(b) Her ankle
(c) Her thigh
(d) Her shoulder

5. In Act 1, Scene 6, what slang term does Louis use to describe the neighborhood where he lives?
(a) Alphabetland
(b) The Boogie Down
(c) Loisada
(d) El Barrio

6. In Act 5, Scene 7, what does Roy Cohn want to know about the Judge?
(a) His afterlife restaurant of choice
(b) His favorite jewelry
(c) His political affiliation
(d) His wife's name

7. What does Joe say he sees when he looks at Harper in Act 4, Scene 7?
(a) Love
(b) Nothing
(c) Sadness
(d) Death

8. In Act 4, Scene 3, Louis accuses Belize of hating him because why?
(a) He knows he is tougher than Louis
(b) He is bored
(c) He's in love with Prior
(d) He hates Jewish people

9. To where is Harper traveling in Act 5, Scene 10?
(a) Salt Lake City
(b) Washington D.C.
(c) San Fransisco
(d) London

10. What does Prior carry with him when he enters heaven in Act 5, Scene 2?
(a) The Sacred Book
(b) His IV drip
(c) A large crucifix
(d) His black cloak

11. Who said "Have you no decency?"
(a) Joe McCarthy
(b) Roy Cohn
(c) Eleanor Roosevelt
(d) Joseph Welch

12. According to Belize in Act 2, Scene 5, what has Roy lost because he is in a hospital?
(a) Privacy
(b) Constitutional rights
(c) Private property
(d) Free speech

13. What shocking piece of information does Joe tell Louis in the beginning of Act 3?
(a) He loves Louis
(b) He is moving to Washington
(c) He is married
(d) He is a Mormon

14. In Act 3, Scene 2, Roy asks Ethel Rosenberg if who has died?
(a) Alger Hiss
(b) Lillian Hellman
(c) Louise Bryant
(d) Joseph Welch

15. In Act 5, Scene 7, who is Roy Cohn representing in the afterlife?
(a) Joe McCarthy
(b) God
(c) Ethel Rosenberg
(d) The Angel

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the funeral Prior and Belize attend at the beginning of Act 2 does Prior find particularly distasteful?

2. What does Harper do when Joe begs her not to leave him?

3. When Prior asks Harper if she is a Mormon in Act 3, Scene 3, what does she say she is?

4. In what color is the Angel dressed when she enters Prior's hospital room in Act 5?

5. Who does Joe find in his apartment when he returns in Act 5, Scene 4?

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