Angels in America Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What offer does Roy Cohn make Joe Pitt in Act 1; Scene 2?

Roy Cohn invites Joe Pitt to his office in Scene 2 to offer him a job in the Department of Justice in Washington. Cohn offers to call Ed Meese directly and find Joe a position near the action.

2. How does Mr. Lies explain Harper Pitt's ill sense of ease?

Mr. Lies, being a cosmic travel agent, tells Harper that the reason she feels ill at ease is that she is used to travel and has been standing still in New York for too long. His solution is that she keep moving, take a vacation.

3. What bad news does Prior deliver to Louis the day of Sarah Ironson's funeral?

In Act 1, Scene 5 Louis and Prior sit on a bench outside the funeral home. Prior takes the opportunity - while "death" is the subject - to show Louis his first Karposis Sarcoma lesion. This lesion is a definite sign that Prior's AIDS has severely affected his immune system. He waited to tell Louis for fear that Louis would leave him.

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