Angels in America Character Descriptions

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Angel of America - This character only appears in person at the last moment of Millennium approaches.

Woman in the South Bronx - This character gives another character directions to the Mormon Visitor's Center.

Norman Arriaga - This character is a registered nurse and former drag queen.

Sister Ella Chapter - This character helps another sell her Salt Lake City house.

Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz - This character speaks about migration and age at the beginning of the play.

Roy M. Cohn - This character eventually becomes God's attorney.

Continental Principalities - The characters wish the world to cease changing.

Emily - This character begins mysteriously speaking in Hebrew at one point in the play.

Prior Walter - This character becomes a modern prophet over the course of the play.

Martin Heller - This character is a member of Ed Meese's Department of Justice and mouthpiece for...

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