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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Harry and Edgar go to Elias' private investigator's office in Chapter 23?
(a) Someone shoots at them.
(b) They aren't allowed in the office.
(c) They witness a crime.
(d) They get a flat tire.

2. Why does Harry try to get his wife to leave the casino in Chapter 18?
(a) It is near the fire.
(b) He misses her.
(c) She gambles too much.
(d) There was a robbery near the casino.

3. What files does Entrenkin decide to keep from Harry?
(a) Only the ones from the last year.
(b) All of the files.
(c) None of the files.
(d) Only the ones about the Black Warrior case.

4. What does Jenkins Pelfry tell Harry about the press' involvement in the Elias case?
(a) They are demanding another press conference.
(b) They announced there was a suspect.
(c) They have not had enough access to information.
(d) They have been tapping the police phone lines.

5. Who is D.C. Richter?
(a) The Kincaid's assistant.
(b) Harry's security chief.
(c) The Kincaid's security chief.
(d) Harry's assistant.

6. In the Harris case, what did Elias plan to reveal?
(a) The corruption in the police department.
(b) How Harris got away with his crime.
(c) The identity of the real murderer.
(d) He was going to run for Congress.

7. What work does Harry recommend Chastain and his team for when meeting with the FBI agents?
(a) The most important tasks.
(b) Interviewing people.
(c) Simple things.
(d) Nothing.

8. After looking at the pictures and video of Stacey online, what does Harry conclude about her abuser?
(a) He abused Stacey for a long time.
(b) He must have been a stranger.
(c) He had Stacey's permission to abuse her.
(d) He was technologically savvy.

9. Why does Sheehan say he questioned Harris for hours?
(a) Harris kept changing his story.
(b) He was trying to get a confession.
(c) Sheehan wanted the overtime pay.
(d) He had to be thorough.

10. What does Sheehan confess about the Black Warrior case?
(a) Sheehan knows who did it.
(b) Harris is telling the truth.
(c) They didn't actually torture Harris.
(d) Harris is getting money for bringing on the lawsuit.

11. Why is Sheehan's weapon being tested by the police?
(a) To see if Harris had touched it.
(b) To see if it works properly.
(c) To see if it was used in the Elias murder.
(d) To see if it was used against Harris.

12. Why does Irving close the Kincaid case?
(a) Mr. Kincaid is dead.
(b) Mrs. Kincaid is dead.
(c) It has nothing to do with the Elias case.
(d) Harris admitted his guilt.

13. What does Sheehan's wife say the Kincaid case did to Sheehan?
(a) Confused him.
(b) Motivated him.
(c) She didn't even know he worked the case.
(d) Changed him.

14. What does Harry do before sitting down to talk with Mrs. Kincaid at her old house?
(a) He walks around the outside of the house.
(b) He searches Stacey's room.
(c) He has a cup of coffee.
(d) He looks in the garage.

15. Why does Sheehan say he brought Harris in for questioning during the Kincaid investigation?
(a) Harris was found at the scene of her death.
(b) Irving brought Harris in.
(c) Harris' prints were found on Kincaid's notebooks.
(d) Kincaid's sister tipped him off.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harry call Garwood after reviewing Chastain's subpoena?

2. What does Mrs. Kincaid say she did after learning Harris was innocent?

3. What does the subpoena for the car wash include?

4. How does the black community respond to the release of Sheehan?

5. When does Harry learn that Chastain was formally served his subpoena?

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