Angels Flight: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Connelly
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1. At the beginning of Chapter 1, why is Harry so nervous?

Harry is nervous because his wife isn't home yet. It is late at night and he hasn't heard from her, so he fears the worst.

2. What makes Harry uneasy about the Howard Elias murder scene?

Harry is uneasy at the Elias murder scene because there are a lot of cops there, but very little action. Harry knows that something is not normal.

3. Why does Harry fear investigating his fellow police officers in the Elias case?

Harry fears he will have to investigate his fellow police officers because Elias was set to go to trial against the police in three days. Elias often sued the police, and they disliked him greatly.

4. What is Michael Harris suing the police for?

Michale Harris is suing the police, claiming they tortured him during questioning. Harris says that while being questioned, they shoved a pencil in his ear and broke his ear drum.

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