Objects & Places from Angels Flight: A Novel

Michael Connelly
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This is how Catalina Perez kept herself organized, and is the reason why was killed.

School Books

This is where Michael Harris' fingerprints are found.

Throw Away Gun

This is what kills Sheehan.


These are used when Chastain frames Sheehan.


This group investigates police corruption.


This is responsible for Chastain's death.

Charlotte's Web

This is what proves Harris to be innocent of murdering Stacy Kincaid.

Howard Elias' Apartment

This is where Harry first hears a message from Entrenkin.

Howard Elias' Office

This is where Harry finds a print-out picture of a dominatrix.

Angels Flight

This is where Elias is murdered.


These are unmarked detective cars that are painted the same black and white as patrol cars.

Los Angeles

This is where most of the novel takes place.

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