Angels Flight: A Novel Fun Activities

Michael Connelly
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Police Blotter

Write a page of brief police updates, like those found in local newspapers, that describes the various crimes in this novel.

Political Cartoon

Create a political cartoon that reflects on one of the political themes of this novel.


Pretend the characters in this novel were meeting for a potluck. What would each character bring, and why?

Press Conference

Create a series of questions you would like to ask Irving at one of his press conferences.


Write a review of this novel. Consider aspects like setting, character, plot, and theme.

Front Page News

Write a news article about one of the major events of this novel.


Create a 12-song soundtrack for this novel. Write a short description of what scene each song represents.


Write a biography of one of the characters in this novel. Include their major accomplishments.

The Lost Chapter

Write a...

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