Angels Flight: A Novel Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Detective Harry Bosch

This character works for the police department and continues to investigate several cases even though his wife leaves him.

Deputy Chief Irvin Irving

This character works for the police department, but focuses mostly on having press conferences to calm the panic of the public.

Detective John Chastain

This character is murdered before he can be accused of murder himself.

Howard Elias

This character is a lawyer who becomes famous for his scandalous cases.

Michael Harris

This character is a small-time criminal who is accused of murdering a teenager.

Kate Kincaid

This character kills her husband before killing herself.

Stacey Kincaid

This character is the step-daughter of a rich and powerful car salesman in Los Angeles.

Sam Kincaid and D.C. Ritcher

This team ran an illegal website.

Carla Entrenkin

This character is the inspector general to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Frankie Sheehan

This character...

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