Angels Flight: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapters 1-3

• Harry is nervous because his wife is not home yet and it is late at night.

• Harry gets a call down to a murder scene.

• A wealthy lawyer named Elias has been murdered days before he was set to go to trial against the police.

• Elias was defending a man names Harris who claims he was tortured by police.

• Harry is nervous about investigating the Elias case. He fears his co-workers won't support him.

Chapters 4-5

• Harry investigates the Elias scene, receiving some information from Garwood before.

• Harry beings to think that Elias was murdered by someone who knew him.

• At the Elias scene, there is evidence against the police.

• Harry realizes that Garwood lied to him about some of the information.

• Four IAD police officers are assigned to work with Harry, a move that appears to be a way to stall the investigation.

Chapters 6-8

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