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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vittoria use for protection when she and Langdon enter the chapel behind the church containing the first Altar of Science?

2. What is antimatter?

3. What is the small entrance to the first Altar of Science called?

4. What is the name of the machine that Langdon sees three people floating around in?

5. What was the deadly army of the ancient brotherhood called?

Short Essay Questions

1. Aside from the human lives, what else is the antimatter threatening by being housed in the Vatican?

2. How does Vittoria get a hold of the Camerlengo when she and Langdon are detained at the Vatican?

3. Why did Kohler not call the police when he found Vetra dead in his office?

4. What is held in Vault 10 of the Vatican Archives?

5. Where is the real location of the first Altar of Science?

6. How long does Langdon have to find what he needs in the Vatican Archives?

7. Why is Vittoria unable to call the authorities when she realizes the large specimen of antimatter is gone?

8. What questions was Vetra trying to answer when he began his work at CERN?

9. Where in the book is the footnote that Vittoria finds as a clue to the location of the first Altar of Science?

10. How was the first cardinal murdered?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The antimatter was a dangerous but integral part of this plot. What about the antimatter made it so important, and how did its presence affect the plot?

Essay Topic 2

Pride is a very basic and obvious themes in this book. What is the difference between pride and confidence and where in the book do these themes appear?

Essay Topic 3

Power and dominance were things sought by many different characters in this book. Which characters sought for power and who was successful?

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