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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sheltered the Illuminati when they fled Rome?

2. Why does Vittoria think the antimatter should be licensed?

3. What did the santi Langdon was supposed to find at the first Altar of Science do during his lifetime?

4. Who proposed the Big Bang Theory?

5. How was the first cardinal killed by the Hassassin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What proved that the Big Bang Theory was true?

2. How did Vittoria first meet Vetra?

3. What is held in Vault 10 of the Vatican Archives?

4. What happens in a Conclave?

5. What is antimatter?

6. What is depicted in the statue marking the first Altar of Science?

7. Why does Langdon not know the creator of the Illuminati brand?

8. What did the Illuminati vow to do when they began to emerge after being persecuted by the Catholic church?

9. How did the ancient Illuminati use their influence and power to avenge those who treated them poorly?

10. What is the final duty of the Camerlengo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Religion and science are two themes that are present throughout the entire book. How do these themes affect the plot, and why are they so important to the characters involved?

Essay Topic 2

The antimatter was a dangerous but integral part of this plot. What about the antimatter made it so important, and how did its presence affect the plot?

Essay Topic 3

The power and influence of the media is a theme that Brown touches on a number of times. What are some of the places where this theme is present, and what affect does it have on the course of the plot? Why do you think this was an important theme to Brown?

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