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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Jacobus say about Langdon's survival in his fall?
(a) He should have died.
(b) His make-shift parachute saved him.
(c) God hand-delivered him to safety.
(d) Science and religion both aided him in his danger.

2. Why does the Camerlengo say there was never any risk while he was dabbling with the dangerous antimatter?
(a) Any danger was worth the benefits.
(b) God was on his side.
(c) He had a perfect plan.
(d) Any people who died would have been blessed martyrs.

3. How did the Pope father a child without breaking his sacred vows of celibacy?
(a) He got a repreive from God for one act of sexual contact.
(b) Artificial insemination.
(c) He genetically structured a child.
(d) He adopted a boy.

4. What did a priest once tell Kohler his paralysis was?
(a) A blessing in disguise.
(b) A punishment for his lack of faith.
(c) An indication of an unconfessed sin.
(d) A missionary opportunity.

5. How do the police find and resuce Langdon after the fire in the church is put out?
(a) They see a light.
(b) They hear his watch beeping.
(c) They see his clothes.
(d) They hear him tapping.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Janus?

2. How is the Cardinal at the third Altar of Science killed?

3. How does Langdon get past the outer wall of the fourth Altar of Science?

4. How does the Camerlengo feel as he is taken to the room with the Cardinals after his miraculous return?

5. What does Langdon hear when he tries to call the Vatican after being rescued by the firemen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Vittoria see in the dead Pope's body that indicates he was poisoned?

2. What does Kohler tell Vittoria when he calls her as she is rushing to the third Altar of Science?

3. What does the Camerlengo say when Langdon first tries to jump in the helicopter with him?

4. Why does the Hassassin not kill Vittoria like he did Olivetti in the burning church?

5. What does the recorded video from Kohler reveal?

6. Where does Langdon land after falling from the helicopter?

7. What happens with Langdon and Vittoria at the end of the book?

8. What happens when Vittoria tries to give the second cardinal mouth-to-mouth?

9. What does the new Pope tell Langdon to do with his secret information about the Camerlengo?

10. How was the second cardinal murdered?

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