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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Kohler take from Vetra's home?
(a) His lab log.
(b) His photo album.
(c) His journal.
(d) His research papers.

2. What does Cardinal Mortarti do when they see the end of the antimatter?
(a) He cries.
(b) He orders a moment of reflective silence.
(c) He kneels to pray.
(d) He shouts for joy at being saved.

3. What time is it when Langdon looks at his watch while trapped in the Archives?
(a) 8:33 pm.
(b) 9:13 pm.
(c) 8:13 pm.
(d) 9:33 pm.

4. What does the Camerlengo ask Langdon and Vittoria to do while they are heading towards the antimatter?
(a) Trust him.
(b) Respect him.
(c) Help him.
(d) Save him.

5. Why did the Camerlengo not want Langdon to join him in the helicopter?
(a) It ruined his plan.
(b) He does not trust Langdon.
(c) He planned to die in the helicopter.
(d) He feels responsible for his impending wound.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the tunnel from the fourth Altar of Science lead to?

2. Who is the 11th Hour Samaritan?

3. How is the Cardinal at the fourth Alter of Science killed?

4. What does Langdon drive once he reaches the Vatican after leaving the hospital?

5. What does Vittoria do when she sees Langdon alive after his fall?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kohler doing as Langdon is trying to escape from the overturned sarcophagus?

2. What are the people in St. Peter's Square chanting when they see the Camerlengo appear on the Basilica after the explosion of the antimatter?

3. Why doesn't Langdon climb a ladder to reach the third cardinal before he burns to death?

4. What causes Dr. Jacobus to start believing in a higher being?

5. How does Langdon find the Church of Illumination once he is inside the Castle of the Angel?

6. What happens with Langdon and Vittoria at the end of the book?

7. Why did Vittoria want the canister of antimatter to stay in the catacombs?

8. How was the second cardinal murdered?

9. How does Langdon escape from the Vatican Archives when he is locked in as the power is shut off?

10. Why does the Hassassin not alert the media to the site of the third Altar of Science?

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