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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Langdon get past the outer wall of the fourth Altar of Science?
(a) He climbs.
(b) He picks the lock on a gate.
(c) A media truck extension helps him over.
(d) He finds an open door.

2. What does Vittoria do when she sees Langdon alive after his fall?
(a) Slaps him for worrying her.
(b) Cries.
(c) Kisses him.
(d) Faints.

3. What is branded on the chest of the cardinal at the third Altar of Science?
(a) Fire.
(b) Air.
(c) Water.
(d) Earth.

4. What vehicle does the Hassassin drive?
(a) A red station wagon.
(b) A black van.
(c) A blue sedan.
(d) A white pick-up truck.

5. Who took the Camerlengo in after his mother was killed?
(a) An Illuminati general.
(b) An orphanage of nuns.
(c) A kind bishop.
(d) A cardinal.

6. What do the people see on the Basillica after the antimatter explosion?
(a) Kohler.
(b) The Camerlengo.
(c) Smoke.
(d) Bright flames.

7. Why do the people in St. Peter's Square cry out in jubilation after hours of silence from the Vatican?
(a) They see the Camerlengo on the Basilica.
(b) They see that Langdon has survived.
(c) They see the light of day and know that danger is over.
(d) A rumor is spread that the next pope has been chosen.

8. Who is the Camerlengo shocked to see in the room with the Cardinals after his miraculous return?
(a) Cardinal Mortarti.
(b) Vittoria.
(c) Langdon.
(d) Chartrand.

9. Where are all the Popes buried?
(a) In a vault beneath the Sistine Chapel.
(b) A cemetery in central Rome.
(c) The Holy Vatican Grottoes.
(d) The Vatican Tombs of God.

10. According to the Camerlengo, who told him to devise this horrible plan?
(a) The Hassassin.
(b) Janus.
(c) Kohler.
(d) God.

11. What does Langdon see in a book in the archives that he thinks is a sign of the correct position of the third Altar of Science?
(a) The word "Vittoria."
(b) A written description of a church designed by Bernini.
(c) A picture of a sculpture.
(d) The word "fire."

12. How is the Cardinal at the fourth Alter of Science killed?
(a) Suffocated with earth.
(b) Punctured lungs.
(c) Drowned.
(d) Burnt to death.

13. What time is it when Langdon looks at his watch while trapped in the Archives?
(a) 8:13 pm.
(b) 9:13 pm.
(c) 8:33 pm.
(d) 9:33 pm.

14. Why does the Hassassin leave Langdon in the pool while he is still alive?
(a) He does not want to take a life he was not ordered to take.
(b) He pretended to die.
(c) He knows Langdon has been weakened.
(d) He is in a hurry.

15. What does Macri do when she is told to give her footage of the second killing to the Swiss Guards?
(a) Demands a warrant be produced first.
(b) Replaces the real footage with a blank tape.
(c) Runs for it.
(d) Gives the tape over calmly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Langdon hear when he tries to call the Vatican after being rescued by the firemen?

2. What does Langdon do when he enters the meeting of Cardinals after he left the hospital?

3. What does Cardinal Mortarti do when they see the end of the antimatter?

4. What was the Pope killed by?

5. How long did the Camerlengo reign as Pope before his death?

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