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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who took the Camerlengo in after his mother was killed?
(a) A cardinal.
(b) An Illuminati general.
(c) An orphanage of nuns.
(d) A kind bishop.

2. What does Macri do when she is told to give her footage of the second killing to the Swiss Guards?
(a) Demands a warrant be produced first.
(b) Gives the tape over calmly.
(c) Runs for it.
(d) Replaces the real footage with a blank tape.

3. Where is the antimatter found?
(a) In the Catacombs.
(b) In the Sistine Chapel.
(c) In the Vatican Grottoes.
(d) In the Angel's Chapel.

4. What does Langdon do when he enters the meeting of Cardinals after he left the hospital?
(a) Casts his vote for Pope.
(b) Punches the Camerlengo.
(c) Shows them the tape from Kohler.
(d) Explains to them how he survived.

5. What happens just as Langdon is leaving the Vatican Archives the second time?
(a) The guard leaves and he is unable to leave.
(b) He passes out from lack of oxygen and nobody knows.
(c) The power goes out and he is locked in.
(d) He sees something of interest and does not leave before the air runs out.

6. Why does the Hassassin leave Langdon in the pool while he is still alive?
(a) He does not want to take a life he was not ordered to take.
(b) He pretended to die.
(c) He is in a hurry.
(d) He knows Langdon has been weakened.

7. Where does the tunnel from the fourth Altar of Science lead to?
(a) The Sistine Chapel.
(b) The Catacombs.
(c) The Pope's library.
(d) The Vatican Grottoes.

8. What is Kohler doing back at CERN while Vittoria and Langdon are searching for the second Altar of Science?
(a) Searching for clues to help Vittoria.
(b) Sifting through Vetra's papers.
(c) Pretending to be ill in the hospital.
(d) Calling the police to capture Langdon as Vetra's killer.

9. What were the last words that the Camerlengo said to Langdon?
(a) I'm so sorry.
(b) Long live the Illuminati.
(c) I am Janus.
(d) You are a good man.

10. Who is the 11th Hour Samaritan?
(a) Kohler.
(b) The Hassassin.
(c) Rocher.
(d) The Camerlengo.

11. Where are all the Popes buried?
(a) The Vatican Tombs of God.
(b) In a vault beneath the Sistine Chapel.
(c) The Holy Vatican Grottoes.
(d) A cemetery in central Rome.

12. Who is the Camerlengo shocked to see in the room with the Cardinals after his miraculous return?
(a) Cardinal Mortarti.
(b) Langdon.
(c) Chartrand.
(d) Vittoria.

13. How did the Pope father a child without breaking his sacred vows of celibacy?
(a) He got a repreive from God for one act of sexual contact.
(b) Artificial insemination.
(c) He adopted a boy.
(d) He genetically structured a child.

14. What is the second cardinal killed dressed like when he is found dying?
(a) A tourist.
(b) A killer.
(c) A drunk homeless man.
(d) An Illuminati.

15. What does Langdon see on the television as he leaves the Vatican Archives for the second time?
(a) The footage of the second cardinal being murdered.
(b) A false report that the new pope has been chosen.
(c) An evacuation warning for all those in the Vatican.
(d) A threatening message from the Hassassin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vittoria find at the back of the burning church?

2. What does Langdon dream about the night after the Camerlengo's death?

3. How was the second cardinal killed by the Hassassin?

4. What does Langdon drive once he reaches the Vatican after leaving the hospital?

5. What color is the smoke in the Conclave when no Pope is chosen?

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