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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Langdon do as soon as he realizes the Hassassin has left the fourth Altar of Science?
(a) Administers CPR to the Cardinal.
(b) Tries to reach Vittoria's phone.
(c) Hi-jacks a car.
(d) Calls the police.

2. What happens just as Langdon is leaving the Vatican Archives the second time?
(a) The guard leaves and he is unable to leave.
(b) He passes out from lack of oxygen and nobody knows.
(c) He sees something of interest and does not leave before the air runs out.
(d) The power goes out and he is locked in.

3. How do the police find and resuce Langdon after the fire in the church is put out?
(a) They see his clothes.
(b) They see a light.
(c) They hear his watch beeping.
(d) They hear him tapping.

4. What does Langdon hear shortly after the bells chime at St. Peter's Square?
(a) A maniacal laugh.
(b) An evil chanting.
(c) A siren wailing.
(d) A child screaming.

5. At what time does the Camerlengo say he will evacuate the remaining Cardinals?
(a) 11:15 pm.
(b) 1:15 am.
(c) 12:15 am.
(d) 10:15 pm.

6. What does Langdon see on the Camerlengo's body as they try to transport him to the hospital after the shooting in the Pope's office?
(a) Horrible bruising on his arms.
(b) A strange, demonic-looking tattoo.
(c) The Illuminati Diamond.
(d) Cuts and scrathes along his abdomen.

7. Where does Langdon shoot the Hassassin after the fourth Cardinal is killed?
(a) His knee.
(b) His shoulder.
(c) His hand.
(d) His foot.

8. What does Vittoria do when she sees Langdon alive after his fall?
(a) Kisses him.
(b) Faints.
(c) Slaps him for worrying her.
(d) Cries.

9. Who was the Pope's son?
(a) One of the four dead Cardinals.
(b) Rocher.
(c) The Camerlengo.
(d) Cardinal Mortarti.

10. How do Vittoria and Langdon get into the burning church?
(a) It is unlocked.
(b) They break a window.
(c) Vittoria shoots the lock.
(d) They climb through a hole in the wall.

11. Where is the Church of Illumination?
(a) The Castle of the Angel.
(b) The Pantheon.
(c) The Sistine Chapel.
(d) The Bridge of Angels.

12. What does Dr. Jacobus say about Langdon's survival in his fall?
(a) God hand-delivered him to safety.
(b) His make-shift parachute saved him.
(c) Science and religion both aided him in his danger.
(d) He should have died.

13. What time is it when Langdon looks at his watch while trapped in the Archives?
(a) 8:33 pm.
(b) 8:13 pm.
(c) 9:33 pm.
(d) 9:13 pm.

14. What points Langdon in the direction of the Church of Illumination?
(a) A clue in the Galileo book.
(b) A sculpture at the fourth Altar of Science.
(c) A bronze dove.
(d) The Hassassin.

15. What is the media asking Olivetti for after they catch wind of the Cardinals in danger?
(a) His resignation.
(b) His theory on who is doing this.
(c) His proposed plan of action.
(d) The Vatican's position on the deaths.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Camerlengo shocked to see in the room with the Cardinals after his miraculous return?

2. Why do the people in St. Peter's Square cry out in jubilation after hours of silence from the Vatican?

3. Who does Langdon think Janus really is?

4. Where is the antimatter found?

5. What does the Camerlengo ask Langdon and Vittoria to do while they are heading towards the antimatter?

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