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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 111-120.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Langdon think the first Altar of Science is after finding the book he was looking for?
(a) The Pantheon.
(b) The Vatican Graveyard.
(c) Santi's Tomb.
(d) The Pope's office.

2. What number security camera has been misplaced by the person on the walkie-talkie shortly after Langdon meets Vittoria?
(a) 86.
(b) 56.
(c) 66.
(d) 76.

3. What does Vittoria find on the floor outside the upper lab?
(a) An eyeball.
(b) Her father's ID badge.
(c) A gram of antimatter.
(d) A bloody footprint.

4. Why does Langdon highly doubt that the Illuminati are really behind Vetra's murder?
(a) The Illuminati are peace-loving people.
(b) The Illuminati would not risk being discovered.
(c) The Illuminati died out over a century ago.
(d) The Illuminati highly regard scientists.

5. How is the general public told about the kidnapped and murdered cardinals?
(a) The BBC is reporting it live.
(b) Tha Hassassin is a member of the press.
(c) The Camerlengo writes a statement about it in the newspaper.
(d) Someone videotaped some of it and leaked it to the press.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who performed the ritual to confirm the Pope's death?

2. How does Langdon get past the outer wall of the fourth Altar of Science?

3. What time will the battery on the canister of antimatter run out?

4. How long does Langdon have to find the canister of antimatter when he reaches the Vatican?

5. What is the first thing Vittoria notices about the most recently deceased Pope?

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