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Prologue and Chapters 1-10

• Leonardo Vetra smells burning flesh and knows that it is his own. A dark figure looms over him, demanding the password.

• Vetra cries that there is no password. The figure produces a blade and brings it to Vetra's face.

• Langdon wakes to the phone ringing. The caller is Maximillian Kohler, a discrete-particle physicist who says he needs to see Langdon, but Langdon hangs up.
• Langdon's fax machine rings. The image is of a corpse with the word "Illuminati" burned onto the man's chest. Kohler asks if he has Langdon's attention now.

• Thousands of miles away, two men meet in the dark. One tells the other that he has been successful.

• The pilot tells Langdon that they are flying to Geneva, Switzerland and will arrive in an hour, since the plane does Mach 15.

• Langdon arrives at a cluster of buildings, which bears the name of...

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