And They Didn't Die Short Essay - Answer Key

Lauretta Ngcobo
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1. Describe Jezile.

Jezile is a strong woman who works hard for her family. In the beginning of the novel, she desperately wants a child. She is plagued by great shame until she becomes pregnant. She lives for her children and endures many hardships to ensure their happiness.

2. Describe MaBiyela.

MaBiyela is a stern woman. In the beginning of the novel, she strongly disapproves of Jezile for not becoming pregnant soon after her marriage. She worries that her daughter-in-law is barren and criticizes her for it.

3. Why can Jezile only see Siyalo for a few days out of the year?

Jezile sees Siyalo infrequently because of his profession. He works and lives in far away Durban and is able to come home only a few days each year.

4. Describe Zenzile.

Zenzile is a kind woman who has many children and yet continues to get pregnant. Her past pregnancies have harmed her health, so eventually, she dies in childbirth.

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