And They Didn't Die Fun Activities

Lauretta Ngcobo
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For my Children

Write a short poem from Jezile's perspective to her children. The poem can either be free verse or have a rhyming scheme. Share your finished work with the class.

Protest Sign

Use materials found around the classroom to create a protest sign. The text on the sign should be appropriate to the story. Hold a contest to determine the best and most convincing sign.

Map of Africa

Search online for a map of Africa. Print out the map and take it to class. Take time to memorize as many countries on the map as possible. Hold a competition during class to determine who can recall the highest number of countries by memory. Hang the maps up around the classroom afterward.

The Durban Project

Research the city of Durban. Break into small groups and have each group prepare a presentation on some aspect of the city...

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