And They Didn't Die Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lauretta Ngcobo
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Essay Topic 1

Writing style is very important with fiction, and And They Didn't Die is no exception. Write an essay that explores the writing style of Lauretta Ngcobo. Address various writing elements such as perspective, sentence structure, diction, and grammar in your work. Explain how these things contribute to the flow of the narrative. Be sure the provide examples to support your work.

Essay Topic 2

Jezile is the protagonist of And They Didn't Die. She is a strong woman who endures hardships with optimism and few complaints. Write an essay that explores Jezile's identity as a strong feminist character. What sets Jezile apart from the other characters in the story? How is she able to endure hardships and struggle on during the toughest of times? What makes her a good mother to her children? Explain your rationale by providing examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

The reader is...

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