And They Didn't Die Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauretta Ngcobo
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Chapters 1-3

• A small group of women protest in the streets.

• Mr. Pienaar runs his truck toward the women.

• Jezile, the protagonist, is praised by many of the women for her leadership.

• MaBiyela, Jezile's mother-in-law, disapproves of Jezile.
• Jezile has failed to become pregnant for the past three years.

• Jezile sees how multiple pregnancies have had negative results on her friend Zenzile.

• Jezile still desires a baby because she thinks it will improve her relationship with her in-laws.
• Jezile decides to take charge by visiting her husband in the city and becoming pregnant.

• Jezile forges a letter to her husband Siyalo, telling him that she is coming to visit.

• Jezile forges a letter from Siyalo and goes to the doctor.

• Jezile decides to get a pass to visit Siyalo even though it brings her shame.

• Jezile works to get MaBiyela as much firewood as she can before she...

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