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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alais Sancerre notice about Set's body after they have slept together?

2. How does Lola Bourne feel in the Mottledmare home?

3. What happens in California while Set is in Paris?

4. When Set returns to his adoptive father Bent's house, who does he see at first in his mind's eye?

5. What did Koi-ehm-toya's great-great-grandson put on his shields?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Set's art change as his personality begins to disintegrate?

2. Grey closes one calendar and opens another in Chapter Eleven of Book Two. What do these different calendars represent?

3. What understanding about Set does Lola Bourne come to while he is hospitalized?

4. How does Grey feel about herself during her pregnancy?

5. Who is the boy that Set sees and hears in the garden of his old house?

6. Why does Dr. Merriman's knowledge of folklore, witchcraft, and medical mythology fail to impress Set?

7. What is the Kaitsenko Society?

8. Why does each man of the Plains Indians look upon Tsoai first thing each morning?

9. What characteristic does Grey say is shared by her mother and her sister and her niece?

10. What is unusual about the death of Worcester Meat?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain which purpose Momaday had in mind as he wrote. Was his purpose to inform, to entertain, or to persuade? Why do you think so? Was he successful in achieving his purpose?

Essay Topic 2

Myths and legends are told through the generations for teaching purposes. The fact that this story ends with Set and Grey's great-great-grandson indicates that their story is part of that march of time. Briefly rewrite the story of Set as a Native American legend.

Essay Topic 3

Both Set and Grey come from more than one ancestral background. Discuss the similarities and differences between the families of each. Use direct quotations and examples from the story to support each point.

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