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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Set go when he wakes up in Mottledmares' house?

2. In the Kiowa myth, why are the boy's sisters running from him?

3. How does Set begin his recovery from the brink of madness?

4. What language does Grey grow up speaking?

5. Why was Jessie Mottledmare jealous of Grey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What passion did Grey acquire from Perfecto Atole?

2. How does Grey feel about her appearance?

3. What do masks represent to Grey as she makes them?

4. Why does Billy the Kid visit Grey while she tends the dying Kope'mah?

5. At the Mottledmares', Set has a dream that he is deprived of a power that seems to him important. What does he dream he cannot do?

6. Why did the parents of the lost children decide not to grieve for them?

7. How does Set define art as he struggles with his reflection in the mirror?

8. Set is taught in school that art is resistance. But he doesn't believe it. How does Set define art?

9. The bear comes forth in planes, Dog is seen by Grey as standing in a plane, and Set's mind is perceived in planes. What are planes in this context?

10. What feelings do the sisters experience as their brother turns into a bear?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The book begins with a section called "Planes," then a section called "Lines," then "Shapes," and ultimately, "Shadows." What do you think this geometrical view of the world represents? Use quotations from the story to support your point of view.

Essay Topic 2

In her childhood, Grey sees a Kiowa doll that she feels represents an important part of herself. Later, she sees a Navajo doll that seems to represent another aspect of herself. What does the Kiowa doll represent to Grey? What does the Navajo doll represent? Compare and contrast the different aspects of Kiowa and Navajo culture in Grey's life.

Essay Topic 3

Both Set and Grey express themselves through art: Set as a painter and Grey as a writer. Write an essay analyzing the way each expresses himself or herself as it changes through the story. As you catalog the changes, determine whether you think each will continue to practice their painting and writing in the future. If so, do you think they will share their work with others? What do you make of the fact that their great-great grandson is an artist, a maker of shields?

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