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Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Murphy Dicks?

2. What is "Indian time?"

3. Why was the Piegan camp troubled when the unknown boy came to their camp, then disappeared?

4. What did Grey do at about the same time she acquired Dog?

5. Where does Grey imagine she met Billy the Kid?

Short Essay Questions

1. What passion did Grey acquire from Perfecto Atole?

2. Why doesn't Paulita Maxwell weep?

3. What is the darkest power that Set has encountered? What would he have called this power if he had encountered it in another time and place?

4. Why did the parents of the lost children decide not to grieve for them?

5. How can you tell that Dog belongs to Grey?

6. At the Mottledmares', Set has a dream that he is deprived of a power that seems to him important. What does he dream he cannot do?

7. What does Grey want her grandmother to tell her about Set?

8. How does Set define art as he struggles with his reflection in the mirror?

9. How does Grey feel about her appearance?

10. Why does Billy the Kid visit Grey while she tends the dying Kope'mah?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Grey's dialogues with Billy the Kid seem very different from her conversations in real life. Using examples, compare and contrast the Grey of her outlaw fantasies with the real girl. What do these differences tell you about her?

Essay Topic 2

Death is a theme in this story. Describe the various ways in which death comes to characters in the story, noting especially the conversation about dying properly between Set-Angya and Billy the Kid. What is a "proper" death? Which characters die properly? Which do not?

Essay Topic 3

Myths and legends are told through the generations for teaching purposes. The fact that this story ends with Set and Grey's great-great-grandson indicates that their story is part of that march of time. Briefly rewrite the story of Set as a Native American legend.

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