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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy the Kid bring to Sitting Bear?
(a) Guns.
(b) Tobacco.
(c) Liquor.
(d) Blankets.

2. What does the boy leave behind him?
(a) The sound of his crying.
(b) The sound of his laughter.
(c) The sound of his running.
(d) No sound at all.

3. What kept Maman-ti from dismounting to take shelter from the storm?
(a) Ghosts have no need of shelter.
(b) There were snakes in the road.
(c) The ground was covered with tarantulas.
(d) The ground was too muddy.

4. Who helps Milo Mottledmare transport Worcester Meat?
(a) Dwight Dicks.
(b) Murphy Dicks.
(c) Jessie.
(d) Dog.

5. Where does Koi-ehm-toya's great-great-grandson see Tsoai?
(a) From the window of his hogan.
(b) In his mind's eye.
(c) In his front yard.
(d) In his heart.

6. What does Set feel as he picks up the bear's paw?
(a) A calm serenity.
(b) A wild curiosity.
(c) An urgent restlessness.
(d) A secure strength.

7. What does Lola Bourne think Set is doing?
(a) Forgetting himself.
(b) Annihilating himself.
(c) Enjoying himself.
(d) Reconstructing himself.

8. What did the Kiowa call the rent they charged for use of Indian land?
(a) Harvest money.
(b) Grass money.
(c) Field money.
(d) Seed money.

9. When does Grey think her mother and sister will come to like Set?
(a) Never.
(b) Within a few weeks.
(c) After a while.
(d) Immediately.

10. Where does Worcester Meat go after he has been sick for sixteen days?
(a) To the bed where Kope'mah died.
(b) Home to his little house.
(c) To the forest.
(d) To the hospital.

11. What does Set do each night?
(a) He waits patiently for the day to end.
(b) He watches television.
(c) He goes for a run.
(d) He opens the medicine bundle.

12. How do the hospital staff treat Set?
(a) With disrespect.
(b) With disregard.
(c) With tact and condescension.
(d) With kindness and understanding.

13. What does Set have to learn to converse with Lela?
(a) To speak frankly.
(b) Weaving.
(c) An oblique, proper form of conversation.
(d) Navajo.

14. What had caused Set's breakdown, according to the hospital?
(a) Daydreaming.
(b) Extraordinary psychological pressure.
(c) Skipping meals.
(d) Working too hard.

15. How does Grey feel during the heavy rainstorms of the plains?
(a) Small and helpless.
(b) Frightened.
(c) Timid.
(d) Enlivened.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Piegan people decide not to believe in the child who disappeared?

2. Why did the old wanderers consider the plains the most sacred of sacred grounds?

3. Why does Set's chart say that he is capable of violence?

4. What brings Set the greatest happiness he has known?

5. What was the vision that Set was looking for?

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