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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What relief does Lola Bourne get from writing her letter to Set?
(a) A sense of satisfaction.
(b) No relief.
(c) Some relief.
(d) A sense of bewilderment.

2. Why don't Grey and Set speak at the dance?
(a) There is nothing to say.
(b) They are angry with each other.
(c) They are unsure how to proceed.
(d) They are restricted in their conversation.

3. How did his stay at Lukachukai affect Set?
(a) It had separated him from all that was familiar.
(b) It had confused him.
(c) It had frightened him.
(d) It had cleared his mind.

4. Why does Grey think she is beautiful?
(a) Because she is tall and slim.
(b) Because she is Native American.
(c) Because she is healthy and young.
(d) Because she is strong and restless.

5. When does Grey think her mother and sister will come to like Set?
(a) After a while.
(b) Within a few weeks.
(c) Never.
(d) Immediately.

6. What change comes to Grey in the summer?
(a) She is grumpy.
(b) She is tired all the time.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She is less beautiful.

7. Why did the old wanderers consider the plains the most sacred of sacred grounds?
(a) It was fertile land.
(b) It had no European settlers.
(c) It had no fences.
(d) It was the center of the world.

8. What does Grey see just as Set is arriving at the Mottledmare's home?
(a) A vision of the plains people.
(b) A vision of her future with Set.
(c) A vision of Billy the Kid.
(d) A vision of Set's breakdown.

9. What caused the Piegan people to continue to believe in the boy who turned into a bear?
(a) The bear became a legend.
(b) Hunters returned from the woods with strange bear stories.
(c) The bear came into the camp.
(d) A hunter shot the bear.

10. Why does Lola Bourne think she cannot help Set?
(a) She can't devote her life to his recovery.
(b) She can't tolerate his situation.
(c) She can't understand his situation.
(d) She can't forgive his selfishness.

11. What change comes over Grey at her mother's house?
(a) She becomes restless and wild.
(b) She becomes lazy and childlike.
(c) She changes from a girl to a woman.
(d) She feels less sure of herself.

12. What does each man of the plains look at first upon waking?
(a) The horizon.
(b) The endless spaces.
(c) Tsoai, the giant tree turned to stone.
(d) The sunrise.

13. Who belonged to the dog soldier organization of the Kiowa tribe?
(a) The warriors.
(b) The chiefs.
(c) The ten bravest men.
(d) The renegades.

14. Who killed Billy the Kid?
(a) Pat Garrett.
(b) Charlie Bowdre.
(c) A Texas ranger.
(d) A rancher named Wilcox.

15. What does Lola Bourne think Set is doing?
(a) Annihilating himself.
(b) Forgetting himself.
(c) Enjoying himself.
(d) Reconstructing himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which direction did the Kiowa travel?

2. What had caused Set's breakdown, according to the hospital?

3. What does Billy the Kid bring to Sitting Bear?

4. What happens to Set after Bent dies?

5. What does Set look for after the vision of Bent leaves him?

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