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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lola Bourne say she expects when she looks at the painting of the Night Window Man?
(a) That the man in the painting will be better lighted.
(b) That the man in the painting will have been transformed.
(c) That the man in the paintingwill be appreciated by critics.
(d) That the painting will be worth a great deal of money.

2. How old is Set?
(a) Fifty-seven.
(b) Forty-four.
(c) Thirty-five.
(d) Twenty-six.

3. What does Set feel as he accepts the medicine bundle?
(a) An unexpected confidence.
(b) A confusion of past and present, reality and legend.
(c) An unaccountable fear.
(d) Comfort.

4. Why did the singing and dancing among the Kiowa end?
(a) They became quarrelsome.
(b) Their group was divided.
(c) They moved to the mountains.
(d) The seasons changed.

5. How old was Set when his mother died?
(a) He was twenty-seven.
(b) He was seven.
(c) He was a newborn.
(d) He was seventeen.

6. How does the author describe Kiowa life in the summertime?
(a) It was idyllic.
(b) It was deprived.
(c) It was dirty and ignorant.
(d) It was frightening.

7. Why doesn't Jason want to display the painting Lola Bourne buys?
(a) It's nonrepresentational.
(b) It's different from Set's other work.
(c) It's unskilled.
(d) It's disturbing.

8. How does Set begin his recovery from the brink of madness?
(a) He has an omelet at Joe's.
(b) He takes a shower.
(c) He goes out for chowder.
(d) He answers the phone.

9. Why was Jessie Mottledmare jealous of Grey?
(a) Because Grey had the honor of caring for Kope'mah.
(b) Because Kope'mah confided in Grey.
(c) Because Billy the Kid knew Grey.
(d) Because Grey was more beautiful.

10. What two cultures combine in Grey?
(a) Kiowa and Navajo.
(b) Navajo and Cree.
(c) Blackfoot and Nez Perce.
(d) Kiowa and Sioux.

11. What is "Indian time?"
(a) Everyone is late.
(b) Things happen as they happen.
(c) Daylight Savings Time.
(d) There is no such thing as time.

12. Why was the Piegan camp troubled when the unknown boy came to their camp, then disappeared?
(a) He had become part of their story.
(b) They suspected he was evil.
(c) They were afraid for his welfare.
(d) They had become fond of him.

13. Who does Grey want to imitate as a rider?
(a) Kope'mah.
(b) Bertha Yazzie.
(c) Jessie Mottledmare.
(d) Billy the Kid.

14. What was the date of Billy the Kid's death?
(a) July 14.
(b) July 16.
(c) July 15.
(d) July 13.

15. Why did Kope'mah feel little respect for her son Worcester?
(a) He was passionate and wild.
(b) He was careless and dispassionate.
(c) He was violent.
(d) He was arrogant and rude.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Murphy lose his horse?

2. What does the wise man advise the people to do with the boy's story?

3. How does Grey react to the news that the bear is coming?

4. Why is Set so startled when he meets Grey at the encampment?

5. Who does Murphy think he sounds like when he talks?

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