The Ancient Child Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why doesn't Paulita Maxwell weep?

Paulita is too stunned by the murder to weep. She is unable to make an expression of grief.

2. What is the unanswered question, "Quien es?" in Chapter One of Book One?

The question, "Quien es?" means, "Who is it?" It was presumably asked by the victim just before he dies. But the reader might ask the same question, since we aren't told who is being shot at this point in the story.

3. What feelings do the sisters experience as their brother turns into a bear?

The sisters experience fear, disbelief, love, and wonder as they see their brother turn into a bear.

4. Why is it that Grey never has to quest after visions?

Grey never seeks visions because they happen to her "irresistibly and all the time." Dreams and visions are the very center of Grey's existence.

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