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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 2, An Awful Quiet Is in His Heart.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Piegan people decide not to believe in the child who disappeared?
(a) The child was an impossibility.
(b) The child faded away before their eyes.
(c) The child turned into a bear before their eyes.
(d) The child had not spoken a word of sense.

2. What ceremony does Grey perform in the Kiowa way?
(a) She butchers a calf and eats the raw liver.
(b) She burns sage.
(c) She dances around the campfire.
(d) She collects herbs.

3. What is Dr. Terriman's evaluation of Set's condition?
(a) He is dangerously self-centered.
(b) He is curable.
(c) He will recover quickly.
(d) He is temporarily addled.

4. What happens in California while Set is in Paris?
(a) Bent has a stroke and dies.
(b) Set's paintings sell for a lot of money.
(c) Set begins to feel the power of the medicine bundle.
(d) Lola Bourne discovers Set's affair.

5. Why did the singing and dancing among the Kiowa end?
(a) They moved to the mountains.
(b) The seasons changed.
(c) Their group was divided.
(d) They became quarrelsome.

Short Answer Questions

1. What change comes to Grey in the summer?

2. Why was Jessie Mottledmare jealous of Grey?

3. Why does Set hesitate to answer the telephone?

4. What does the Navajo part of Grey long for?

5. Which tribe's myth forms the basis of this story?

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