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Lesson 1 (from Front Matter and Prologue | Book 1, Chapter 1, Paulita Maxwell Does Not Weep)


There is much to be learned by reading carefully the information contained on the cover and in the front matter of the book. Today's objective is to "interview" The Ancient Child and make predictions as to what it will contain based on what can be seen in the front matter and on the cover.


1. Individual reading and writing: In your reading journal, write your answers to the following questions.

What prestigious prize has N. Scott Momaday won?

Did he win the prize before or after writing this book?

What sources of criticism are quoted on the cover, and why do you think these sources were chosen?

What does Momaday do for a living?

What type of writing does Momaday do besides novels?

What year was the book published?

Will the quotes attributed to the factual characters in the story be real? How do you know...

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