The Ancient Child Character Descriptions

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Grey - This character maintains a fantasy relationship with Billy the Kid.

Set - This character is an artist who gradually becomes part of a more ancient world.

The Bear - This character is the mythic embodiment of wilderness.

Jessie - This character is a Kiowa friend and supporter.

Milo - This character wears a warrior's costume, but is not a warrior.

Lola - This character represents success in many of the ambitions of the civilized world.

Bent - This character is an adoptive parent.

Worcester - This character goes into a field of flowers to die.

Billy the Kid - This character, though actual, is legendary in both the civilized and primitive worlds.

Kope'mah - This character is the keeper of ancestral wisdom and controls the bear power while alive.

Set-angya - This character carries the bones of a dead son.

Koi-em-toya - This character also...

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