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Front Matter and Prologue | Book 1, Chapter 1, Paulita Maxwell Does Not Weep

• The author explains that the actual characters in this story are put to fictitious use.

• Myth will be the beginning and end of this story.

• The characters are explained.

• The myth of Tsoai is briefly told: a boy turns into a bear, and his sisters run from him and become the seven stars in the Big Dipper.

• A Navajo quotation explains that astrological pursuits are not witchcraft and require special ingredients.

• Paulita Maxwell witnesses the murder of Billy the Kid.

Book 1, Chapter 2, Somewhere a Raven Calls | Book 1, Chapter 3, The Next Moment Is Forever to Come

• The boy who has become a bear chases his sisters who love him and fear him.

• Grey imagines that she has visited Billy the Kid in jail and told him in the outhouse she hid a gun, which he later uses to...

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