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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Griffith family perform their daily evangelism?
(a) Kansas City
(b) Kentucky
(c) Charlotte
(d) Detroit

2. Whose house is the Now and Then dance held at?
(a) Bella Griffith's
(b) Roberta's
(c) Sondra Finchley's
(d) Jill Trumbull's

3. Why is Clyde worried about the pregnancy?
(a) He has no money
(b) He is too immature
(c) He thinks Roberta will expose him
(d) He does not love her

4. Who does Gilbert think is responsible for Clyde's Christmas invitation?
(a) Roberta
(b) Sondra
(c) Bella
(d) Samuel

5. Who does Clyde's mother say is back in town?
(a) Esta
(b) Mr. Rubenstein
(c) Her ex-husband
(d) Her father

6. Where does Clyde take Roberta for her abortion?
(a) Albany
(b) Utica
(c) Lottville
(d) Gloversville

7. What can factory girls never aspire to?
(a) Men above them
(b) Fame
(c) Love
(d) A big house

8. Where does Clyde visit to stave off loneliness?
(a) Lakes
(b) Forests
(c) Mountains
(d) Deserts

9. How much money does Clyde make on his first task at the hotel?
(a) 75 cent
(b) 35 cent
(c) 50 cent
(d) 10 cent

10. What does Clyde hope will happen once Roberta gets rid of the baby?
(a) She will be back to her old self
(b) She will leave him alone
(c) He can marry Sondra
(d) He can move back home

11. What does Sparser say his job is?
(a) A chauffeur
(b) A waiter
(c) A stock broker
(d) A receptionist

12. Who does Clyde go to for help?
(a) Sondra
(b) Gilbert
(c) Samuel
(d) Orrin Short

13. Why does Clyde feel intimidated at the party?
(a) Everyone is much older
(b) Because of the college talk
(c) Too many rich people
(d) Too many pretty girls

14. Which of Clyde's fellow workers is the classy dresser?
(a) Oscar
(b) Eddie Doyle
(c) Freddie
(d) Ratterer

15. Where do Roberta and Clyde plan to meet?
(a) Fields
(b) Fonda
(c) Coppola
(d) Redford

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Roberta say Clyde is attracted to?

2. What does Clyde think will impress Hortense about his current situation?

3. What does Ratterer order with his wine?

4. What is the real price of the fur jacket?

5. How is Samuel related to Asa Griffith?

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