An American Tragedy Character Descriptions

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Roberta Alden - She is prettier and more sensitive than most of the "factory girls," but these qualities do not help her prospects in life; her poverty and her position as a factory worker consign her to a low position in society.

Titus Alden - He is a poor farmer who wants revenge for his daughter's death.

Alvin Belknap - Clyde's wealthy uncle, Samuel Griffiths hires him as Clyde's lawyer.

Hortense Briggs - She is an attractive but coarse Kansas City girl who manipulates people to get them to buy things for her.

Burton Burleigh - He tampers with evidence to ensure Clyde is convicted of first-degree murder.

Rita Dickerman - A promiscuous girl who pursues Clyde.

Sondra Finchley - She leaves town when Clyde is arrested, however because of her family's position, her name is never made public during the trial. She writes Clyde a...

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