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Short Answer Questions

1. In Part Three, Chapter Two, who annoys Felix?

2. Who is Charis having an affair with in Part Two, Chapter 13?

3. In Charis' letter to Gabriel in Part Two, what detail does she leave out?

4. In Part Three, why will fighting stop for two to three months?

5. Which of the following words best describes Part Two, Chapter Thirteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What political reason is there for Gabriel to remain in the hospital?

2. What are Felix's interactions with Aristedes?

3. What is unusual about Felix's response to Lieutenant Loveday's death?

4. What does Felix decide to do after Charis' funeral?

5. Do you think Von Bishop wants to go after Gabriel? Why or why not?

6. What consequences do the British face for not heading Walter's advice?

7. What does Walter find when he returns to his farm?

8. What does the author imply about Felix when he describes Liieutenant Loveday's usage of "schoolboy French?"

9. Describe the interactions between Liesl and Gabriel in Part Three, Chapter Five.

10. Describe the letters Charis writes to Gabriel in Part Two, Chapter Sixteen.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Part Three, Walter attempts to find Von Bishop, the man responsible for taking his farm and decorticator. Walter's purpose in joining the fight is not so much to help his country, but to get revenge on the man responsible for destroying his lifestyle. Write an essay that analyzes the theme of revenge as expressed in An Ice Cream War.

Essay Topic 2

The characters in the novel, Walter and Felix, start out indifferent to the war. Both think that the war will not effect their lives. However things for Walter change that cause him to take sides and join the war. In an essay, analyze the how Walter and Felix feel about the war, and what changes for both characters that cause them to enter the war.

Essay Topic 3

An Ice Cream War tells the story of how World War I affects the lives of many characters in both Europe and Africa. The characters include British, German, and American characters who are both men and women. These characters are pulled into a war they do not fully understand and their lives are forever altered. Examine the historical context of the time period and what influence it has on the events in the novel. Use examples from the text to support your thesis.

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