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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the birds circling indicate?

2. What is Felix's reaction to the letter from Charis?

3. Where is Gabriel held prisoner in Part Three, Chapter Five?

4. What item does Felix notice is missing at the pond?

5. When Liesl visits Gabriel in confinement, how do they communicate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What political reason is there for Gabriel to remain in the hospital?

2. What consequences do the British face for not heading Walter's advice?

3. What news does Von Bishop receive by motorcycle?

4. What is shocking about Part Two, Chapter Thirteen?

5. Do you think Von Bishop wants to go after Gabriel? Why or why not?

6. What does Felix decide to do after Charis' funeral?

7. What is unusual about Felix's response to Lieutenant Loveday's death?

8. Where is Gabriel held as a prisoner in Part Three, Chapter Six and how does he escape?

9. What are Felix's interactions with Aristedes?

10. What are Charis and Felix's thoughts on their affair and Gabriel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The characters in the novel, Walter and Felix, start out indifferent to the war. Both think that the war will not effect their lives. However things for Walter change that cause him to take sides and join the war. In an essay, analyze the how Walter and Felix feel about the war, and what changes for both characters that cause them to enter the war.

Essay Topic 2

Major Bilderbeck is an enigmatic character who befriends Gabriel aboard a troop transport ship. His strange mannerisms, specifically his manner of laughing at things that other people do not find immediately funny, might indicate something of an amoral personality. In an essay, write a character analysis of Major Bilderbeck.

Essay Topic 3

Boyd writes An Ice Cream War using shifting point of views. Describe Boyd's style in reference to point of view and analyze the effect of Boyd's use of a variety of point of views.

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