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Short Answer Questions

1. Who summons Walter to meet him?

2. In Part Two, Chapter Eight, what ails Felix?

3. What are Felix's professional ambitions?

4. What happens to the biplane Wheech-Browing flies in Part Two, Chapter Twelve?

5. In Part Two, Chapter Five, how many soldiers remain on shore with Gabriel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens on Charis and Gabriel's honeymoon?

2. Describe Felix's interactions with his family in Part One, Chapter Four.

3. Describe the Von Bishops relationship.

4. What changes Walter's stance on joining the army?

5. How does Gabriel end up injured?

6. What are Felix's plans after the wedding?

7. What do the Germans do to Walter's farm?

8. What happens when an Indian refuses an order by Bilderbeck?

9. Why do the Germans continue to fight the war in Africa?

10. What is the purpose of Wheech-Browning's visit to Walter's farm?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Charis commit suicide? What are the factors behind her choice? What does she think will happen if others know the truth about her infidelity? Is her decision a selfish one?

Essay Topic 2

In the beginning of the novel, Felix is a youth attempting to negotiate a difficult and awkward transition from adolescence to adulthood. By the end of the novel Felix is battle-scarred and world-weary.war. By the time Felix boards a ship to take him back to England, he has seen years of gruesome death, some even involving loved ones. Felix himself has also been forever physically altered or damaged. Through the course of the novel, Felix Cobb can be thought of as two characters in one. In an essay, conduct a character analysis of Felix Cobb that addresses these points.

Essay Topic 3

In Part Two, Chapter Thirteen, it is revealed that Charis is having an affair with Gabriel's brother, Felix. Analyze Charis' justification for the affair and the comparison she makes between the two brothers.

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