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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the army Walter joins?
(a) West African Volunteers.
(b) East African Mounted Rifles.
(c) East African Trade Farmers.
(d) West Indies Trading Company.

2. The British attack on Tanga is a __________________.
(a) Diplomatic achievement.
(b) Complete failure.
(c) Zero sum game.
(d) Military success.

3. In Part Two, Chapter Ten, what is Felix's first reaction to Amory?
(a) He thinks she is naked.
(b) He is impressed with her apartment.
(c) He thinks he is at the wrong house.
(d) He is annoyed that she ignores him.

4. What does Holland invite Felix too?
(a) An art opening.
(b) A party hosted by his sister.
(c) His family's Christmas dinner.
(d) A movie premier.

5. Who escorts Bilderbeck to see Gabriel?
(a) Von Bishop.
(b) Sir Arthur.
(c) Major Gleeson.
(d) No one. Bilderbeck goes alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Erich Von Bishop waiting for at the train station?

2. What nationality are the soldiers Gabriel is with?

3. Who is Felix in love with?

4. What mode of transportation does Smith use in Part One?

5. What is Norman Espie's title?

Short Essay Questions

1. What changes Walter's stance on joining the army?

2. How does Gabriel end up injured?

3. What happens with the biplane in Part Two, Chapter Twelve?

4. How do Gabriel and other British soldiers get trapped in a ditch?

5. How does Walter try to get his farm back?

6. Describe how Walter ended up in Africa.

7. What happens in Part Two, Chapter Five when Gabriel's unit goes ashore?

8. What changes between Charis and Felix at the end of Part Two, Chapter Ten?

9. What happens when an Indian refuses an order by Bilderbeck?

10. What are Felix's plans after the wedding?

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