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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four, Chapters Four, Five and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of Smith's return to his farm in Part Two, Chapter Three?
(a) Smith returns to his family.
(b) Smith decides to leave Africa permanently.
(c) Smith joins the army.
(d) Smith takes out a bank loan.

2. In Part Two, Chapter Nine, what does Charis show Felix?
(a) Gabriel's dog tags.
(b) Her engagement ring.
(c) Old family photos.
(d) Letters Gabriel began writing.

3. In Part Four, who is Felix to train?
(a) The Indians.
(b) The Portuguese.
(c) The East Africans.
(d) The Germans.

4. What is wrong with the landing of Gabriel's ship in Part Two?
(a) It is early.
(b) The ship is damaged while docking.
(c) It is in the wrong location.
(d) It is early and in the wrong location.

5. What information does Felix not reveal to Liesl?
(a) Why he came to her home.
(b) That Gabriel was married.
(c) How Gabriel died.
(d) When he joined the army.

Short Answer Questions

1. What form of transportation does Charis and her lover use leaving the hotel?

2. After playing cards, what does Aristedes do?

3. What happens to Lieutenant Loveday while leading Felix's unit?

4. What does Gabriel do in the evenings at the hospital?

5. In Part Four, Chapter Three, what does Felix receive from his mother?

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