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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Chapters Fourteen and Fifteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The British attack on Tanga is a __________________.
(a) Diplomatic achievement.
(b) Military success.
(c) Zero sum game.
(d) Complete failure.

2. What happens to Wheech-Browning in the plane?
(a) He is survives with minor injuries.
(b) He is lost in the African countryside.
(c) He is taken hostage.
(d) He is killed.

3. How does Gabriel stay in the hospital?
(a) By helping out the rest of the nurses.
(b) By bribing the nurses.
(c) By pretending that he can't walk.
(d) By keeping his leg infected.

4. What does Gabriel mistake bullets for?
(a) Mosquitoes.
(b) Coconuts.
(c) Bees.
(d) Hummingbirds.

5. What happens when Gabriel tries to flee?
(a) He is fired upon but escapes.
(b) He is shot in the leg.
(c) He is chased down and tied up.
(d) He is stabbed with bayonets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting of Part One, Chapter Four?

2. How much time has elapsed between Part Two, Chapter Three and Part Two, Chapter Four?

3. The ________ continue the ________ campaign to draw _________ resources away from the war in Europe.

4. What is Liesl's role at the hospital?

5. In Part Two, Chapter Five, what country has fortified Tanga?

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