An Ice-cream War Fun Activities

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ABC Book

Create an ABC book about the novel. For each letter of the alphabet, choose a character, location, theme or object from the novel. Write a brief description and include an illustration. For example: A: Africa, the setting of the novel An Ice Cream War. The novel is centered around the lives of characters in Africa affected by World War I.


Create a dramatization of a scene from the book. Consider key people, places, events or dialogue. Costumes are encouraged.

Alternative Book Jacket

Design an alternative book jacket with the following elements:

Front cover- title and author and an illustration

Back cover- summary of book and reviews

Inside jackets- Critique of the book

Alternative Titles

Create 10 alternative titles to the novel.

Board Game

Using what you have learned from the book, design a board game to go with the book. You should create game pieces for...

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