An Ice-cream War Character Descriptions

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Felix Cobb

This character originally wanted nothing to do with the war. Later, this character became a soldier in the British army.

Gabriel Cobb

This character is a career soldier and seems to eagerly await the outbreak of war even though it interrupts his honeymoon.

Charis Lavery Cobb

This character marries early on in the novel and later has an affair.

Walter Smith

This character turns the war into a personal vendetta where he pursues the man he believes is responsible for damage to his farm.

Erich von Bishop

This character is half English, half German and is blamed for one horrific tragedy.

Liesl von Bishop

This character detests living in Africa. After the outbreak of war, she volunteers as a nurse and meets one of the primary English characters.


This character is a walking disaster and if his presence did not involve so many fatalities, he...

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